MMM Academy is the academic branch of the MMM Museum.

It contains videos about:

  • the history of migrations to Brussels since the Middle Ages;
  • the diverse communities of Brussels citizens with migrant roots;
  • specific migration-related topics.

The presentations are based on academic research and archive material.

The collection is ‘in progress’…

A list indicates what you can currently view.

Here you can get a 2’ preview of each presentation, which lasts about 10’.
The complete presentations can be viewed and listened to individually or in packages at the MMM museum.

Schools can put together a teaching package by selecting capsules that make up one or more teaching periods.

For a group presentation - a projection on a large screen on the ground floor - of 1 ’MMM Academy’ film, we charge 15 euro.

For 2 consecutive films: 25 euro.
For 3 consecutive films: 30 Euros.

For information: please contact the museum.

As an example, here a film by Prof. Philippe van Parijs.
It will give you an idea of the concept and of the films you can see in the museum itself at your request.

Example in French (Prof. Anne Morelli).
Example in Dutch (Prof Johan Leman).

Enter the MMM Academy

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