Audiotour through historical Molenbeek

Over 80 minutes, this fascinating audio tour takes you on a journey – in Molenbeek and through time – through a collection of stories, testimonies and anecdotes. As a voice leads you through the streets of historic Molenbeek, discover unexpected nooks and crannies of this city and enjoy interesting snippets and stories from the past and the present.

Download the audio tour here in English to your smartphone. This may take up to four minutes.

To download the map, click here.

You can also borrow an MP3 player with the audio tour for free (in exchange for your ID card) at the museum reception.

Groups can reserve MP3 players in advance by emailing

Please note that the audio tour starts and ends at Foyer, Rue des Ateliers 25, 1080 Brussels.

This tour is an initiative of Foyer, created by D*Tours in the context of 45 years of Foyer and Molenbeek 2014. Copyright Foyer vzw.

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