Being Human (extended)

22 November 2023 →
25 February 2024

The sea at night is too big!

From November 22, 2023, to February 25, 2024, the Brussels Migration Museum hosts “Being Human – The sea at night is too big,” an exhibition by artist Gonzalo Orquín. This event is part of the Spanish presidency of the European Union, commissioned by the Spanish embassy in Belgium.

The exhibition, conceived by Francesca Paci and inspired by Spanish portraiture, sheds light on the stories and experiences of migrants, focusing on arrivals by sea in Lampedusa, Italy, and via Bihac, Bosnia. Orquín’s portraits aim to give a voice to these often overlooked individuals, fostering empathy and understanding.

The 16 works on display humanize migrants, offering names, faces, and stories, portraying their experiences with both stark realism and moments of hope. The exhibition also addresses the challenges faced by LGBTQI+ refugees.

Gonzalo Orquín collaborated with several organizations, and a portion of the proceeds from artwork sales will be donated to these groups. Each painting is associated with a fictitious name, and the exhibition includes a documentary film that follows the artist’s process.

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