CONFERENCE “Belgian colonial history, dialogue between past and present”

24 May 2023 →
24 May 2023

Colonial history still colours our modern societies. In this way, exploring the colonial past and its relationship to the world today, particularly in relation to education, decolonial movements, issues of racism and the law, is a way of highlighting the impact of this history and the issues at stake.

This conference aims to reflect on the ways in which the colonial past continues to influence contemporary attitudes, behaviours and policies, and how this can be constructively addressed within education and social justice.

🌟 Speakers:

➡️ Estelle Depris, consultant, speaker and trainer on racial discrimination, intersectionality and whiteness.

➡️ Kalvin Soiresse Njall, Member of Parliament of the Walloon-Brussels Federation

➡️ Laure Uwase, lawyer

🌟 Moderator:

Whitney Appiah Ampofo (MigratieMuseumMigration)

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