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Jóska Soós (1921-2008). Shamanic artist without borders.
5 January 2022 → 20 February 2022, 10:00 → 17:00

This exhibition commemorates the work of the Hungarian/Belgian artist Jóska Soós (1921-2008). During his lifetime, he built up an enormous oeuvre, which was extremely diverse in terms of sources of inspiration, materials and styles.

His life story was extraordinary. He was born and raised in Hungary, a country that always continued to inspire him. When he had to leave Hungary after the Second World War, he ended up in Belgium as a miner. His years of experience in this light-poor environment encouraged him to start drawing and painting. After moving to Brussels, he developed into a shamanic artist in this metropolitan context, with works that draw on his childhood experiences, numerous other sources of inspiration from various world cultures and life in a big city.

He exhibited frequently during his lifetime and many of his works ended up in museum collections in Belgium and abroad. He died in Antwerp in 2008. He left behind a large archive that beautifully documents his life’s work.

This exhibition will focus on the life and work of this fascinating artist, and the role that the metropolitan context of Brussels played for him in his development as a shamanistic artist.

This exhibition was made possible thanks to Monique Franken and Dr. Tamara Ingels (INTRO Cultuur en Media).

+32 2 609 55 61

Mask required.

Photo: 2021 © Monique Franken

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