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Entrepreneurs: Brussels migrant entrepreneurship
22 November 2022 → 22 March 2023, 10:00 → 17:00

Brussels has a record number of entrepreneurs, the entrepreneurial spirit runs through the streets of our capital city. The MigratieMuseumMigration therefore went in search of migration stories and collaborated with experts to put together an exhibition. We are shedding light on the first- and second-generation immigrant entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs whose products have been part of our collective memory for years, decades or centuries. People who have brought a street, a neighbourhood, a city, a region to life by creating new jobs. The exhibition shows us how immigrant entrepreneurship has shaped Brussels and it also helps us to understand why Brussels has a record number of entrepreneurs compared to other regions.

Indeed, each community brings even more entrepreneurs to Brussels. Of course, this exhibition cannot portray all immigrant entrepreneurs and all entrepreneurs in each community, but it aims to pinpoint when and how immigrant entrepreneurship started and how new entrepreneurial initiatives have multiplied throughout the years.

The exhibition was created with the help of many experts: Dr. P Jean-Philippe Van Aelbrouck, Dr. Olivier De Maret, Dr. Martin Rosenfeld and Claire Scohier (IEB), Henri Erumba, Dr. Ching Lin Pang and Franck Yiji, Zenon Lupina, Mustafa Alperen Özdemir, and others. Special thanks also to the entrepreneurs and organisations who worked with us.

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Photo: © The Archives of the City of Brussels

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