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    Brussel en Vlaanderen: een verhaal van migranten
    28 March 2023 → 28 March 2023, 12:30 → 14:30

    The film (35′) shows how many thousands of Flemish families have come to Brussels over the past two centuries, helping to shape the city over the generations. Exactly as Italians, Moroccans, Eastern Europeans and many others did and still do. Witnesses from three Flemish families tell their stories: one family that migrated to Brussels in the 19th century, another between the two world wars and a third after 1960. These are the stories of then and of today.

    Please give advance notice of your arrival to museum MMM by 20 March at the latest, in view of catering: or tel. 02.6095561

    The screening will take place at Cinema Palace

    Grant: Polsslag Brussels
    Beleid Steden, Brussel en Vlaamse Rand, Coördinatie Brussel

    Expo "Notre Congo/Onze Kongo"
    18 April 2023 → 31 May 2023, 12:00

    The MigratieMuseumMigration will host from 18 April to 31 May 2023 an exhibition in collaboration with CEC-ONG "Notre Congo/Onze Kongo". This exhibition focuses on the Belgian colonial propaganda. Through iconographic documents and videos from the colonial period, the exhibition aims to understand how the different propaganda channels justified colonisation to the general public. The dissemination of images and slogans contributed to the shaping of a collective imagination still very present in our societies through monumental vestiges and stereotypes about the Congolese community and more broadly about Afro-descendants. This exhibition also aims to initiate a reflection on these representations.

    We invite school groups to visit this exhibition as part of their history, geography, social science and language courses. Workshops and presentations will be held throughout the exhibition to allow for discussion with pupils and students.

    Self-guided tours (without a guide) cost 5 euros per student.
    Workshops cost 8 euros per participant.

    To book a visit with your class/school, please contact us:

    - phone: 02.609.55.61
    - e-mail:

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